Saturday, August 22, 2009

Tribute to Good Coaching

A few weeks ago when the National Football Hall of Fame inductions were enshirned into the Hall of Fame, one member of the class of 2009,(Randall McDaniel) had his High School football coach there with him at the ceremony. He paid a special tribute to his former coach and explained how much of an impact the coach had on him. When I saw this, I thought it was truly very special and I think there are many situations like this except the coach does not receive this kind of credit.

When asked who the most influential person in your sports career was, I have heard many top level athletes describe a youth or High School level coach which is really special and a great tribute to what all coaches are doing out there day in and day out. Keep working hard at what you're doing and let's continue to make impressions on athlete's lives.


  1. My high school coach stepped in as a father when I lost mine. Definitely true that high school coaches are amazingly influential. I'm 4 years out of high school and we still send weekly e-mails every Sunday back and forth.


  2. That is very touching and I know there are many other examples like this. Although we may not feel appreciated at times, what we are doing is golden and should be treated that way. Great story about your experience with your coach.