Monday, August 31, 2009

This is a great article revealing some of the misconceptions around collegiate athletics. I recently found out some "big name" college athletic programs are their own businesses, meaning they own, and take home, all the profits associated with the athletic programs and then give money back to the school.

To me it is sad how money can turn a game into something a lot more. I believe it to be a huge privilege to play a college sport and something that I was never able to do as an athlete. With that being said, these athletes are still college students! They should be given time to relax, socialize, make some mistakes, and so on.... College to me is a time of your life where freedom and responsibility collide and the harsh realities of "real" life are met head on. Athletes are no different and their time spent playing a sport should be enjoyable, not a full-time job. I wish some of these stories were being exaggerated, but working at a college I know they are not.,185938

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