Saturday, August 8, 2009

Respect the Game

Earlier today I made a trip to Harvard University to watch a few games in the Junior World Cup (Under 21) Field Hockey tournament. I admittedly do not know anything about the sport, but I am very fond of international tournaments and competitions so I decided to head over for the day (the worst thing I was going to get was a nice tan during a beautiful day in Boston).

Anyway, I ended up staying for about 2 hours and was very impressed by the amount of skill amongst the players on all the teams and the class that was displayed during the event. It has been my experience, and maybe you all can testify against me, but in most international competitions the respect for officials and players from the coaches is tremendous. Starting with the Olympics and remembering all of the events I have watched I'm not sure if I can recall any incidence of a coach yelling at an official. Again was the case today, there are a fair amount of whistles in field hockey and I saw a couple protests from athletes, but never from a coach.

I think this is an indication that yelling and screaming is unnecessary in sport and coaches at this level already understand this fact. This highly contrasts the highlights I watch daily on SportsCenter of MLB managers getting in umpires faces about calls or NBA coaches storming onto the court. I think something can be said for the actions of coaches at this level of competition and we should all strive to coach like national level coaches.

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