Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Coaching Tip of the Day

One thing I have noticed during my coaching and the feedback I give to athletes is that often times I give feedback too quickly. If I am in the weight room and there is something I want to critique, I often say something like "Bend your knees when you catch that bar Mike". Now, when speaking in a weight room full of sometimes up to 15 people, how does an athlete deep in concentration performing a set of exercises know I am talking to them?

What's wrong with this method of feedback? I didn't address it to anyone until I was done giving the feedback. One day a long while ago I caught myself for the first time doing this and have tried to consciously change this ever since. The better option would go something like this " Mike, Bend your knees when you catch that bar". After addressing the athlete directly, you can wait for them to acknowledge you and then give the feedback knowing you have their attention rather than telling the whole World what you wanted one athlete to hear.

Just a thought to become more efficient, thank you for reading today. Tomorrow I am off to St. Paul, Minnesota for the USA Hockey Level 5 Coaching Symposium so I will be anxious to learn some new things to share with everyone.

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