Monday, May 18, 2009


OK, so welcome to my blog. The reason I decided to begin my blog is quite simple: It seems like everyone else around me has one, so why not start my own? In addition, this will give me a good reason to type random stuff everyday and hopefully get a few points across in the meantime. I would like the blog to focus on things regarding my young coaching career, however, I will warm you in advance I will probably get side tracked quite often. In the meantime, enjoy reading and please contact me regarding any suggestions.

Now, I do not want to deviate from coaching too much on the first day, or start off on a negative note, but what is with the "word verification" line you have to fill out every time you do something online? I hope at least someone else out there takes 2-3 times average to get that word correct because I know I spend at least 5 minutes on that line every time. I don't even think the "words" are in the English dictionary, and I know I've never seen those fonts before in Microsoft Word. Anyway, apparently I got it right because I'm writing now, so best of luck to you all in the future in filling out the "word verification" lines.

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