Friday, October 2, 2009

Ready, Aim, Fire!

In our biweekly meeting at BU this week, we spoke a bit about the way things are handled between a sport coach and a strength coach. This conversation was very helpful to me because I am of course bordering between the two as I try and decide my future in one or the other. One point that was brought up in the meeting was the ability of a coach to say: "Ready, Aim, Fire!" and NOT "Ready, Fire!, Aim".

This subtle difference can be the difference in many things, but definitely within coaching relationships. If you as a coach have an idea for the team or someone associated within the program and immediately implement these changes without first thinking about the consequences or perspectives of others, I think you are shooting yourself in the foot.

The definition of a team relies on the interplay between individuals and the inherent interconnectedness between team members. Therefore, it should be second nature for any coach to share their thoughts/decisions within the team before implementation. The head coach will ultimately make the decision in most cases, but this does not mean they have to blindside everyone on their support staff in the meantime. Communication within a staff is truly a diminishing art. Take into account the thoughts and feelings of others to please everyone.

Thank you for reading today and Happy October!

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