Thursday, October 29, 2009

Precision Nutrition Recommendation: Hydration

Earlier this month (October 5th) I wrote a post about living healthy to, and through, age 10o. In that article, Dr. Ni recommends a few tips for us all to reach the elusive century mark. Of these recommendations, the one I was personally most surprised with was staying hydrated by maintaining a proper liquid balance in your body.

Then, just this week, I received my Precision Nutrition Tip of the week and it addressed this exact fact. Here is Dr. John Berardi's Tip #21:

Sedentary individuals should drink at least 2L of water (about 8 glasses) per day.

Athletes should drink at least 3L (about 12 glasses) per day.

Athletes in a hot climate should drink 4L (about 16 glasses) per day!

I think we have all heard the first recommendation, but how about the adjustments for atheltes and the considerations necessary when practicing in different climates? Not only does proper hydration help you live longer, but it can also assist fat loss. If you think you will have trouble adjusting to this new volume of water in your diet, here are some tips Dr. Berardi suggests to improve water intake:

1. Drink cold water- Cold water is more palatable improving mouth feel and ingestion.

2. Add a lemon- Lemon increases the urge to drink and kills bacteria.

3. Chuggables- Always carry some sort of container around with you to ensure you are drinking.

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