Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday Review: Woodway SpeedBoard

Working at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning, I get a unique opportunity to see and use some of the newest technology on the market (I'm not endorsing that newer technology is better than old school by any means, although obviously updates can be beneficial). This week, Mike Boyle got a Woodway SpeedBoard treadmill. This is something that is new to the market and combines a few new concepts to provide you with a different way to run on a treadmill. The curved shape of the treadmill minimizes heel to ground contact which on conventional treadmills can cause joint pain. In addition, the belt on the treadmill allows a runner to provide as much or little force they want to automatically adjust treadmill speed. The treadmill uses no electricity, so if you are looking for a "green" alternative- this may be your solution. I love the machine for performance and personally believe we will be seeing more of these in gyms around the country very soon. here's the lowdown:

Benefits*: Automatically adjustable speed so the runner determines their pace, easier to complete interval training because runners do not need to get on and off a moving treadmill, Does not use electricity- saving money, better running simulation by minimizing heel-contact time.

Restrictions*: Can not elevate to train on a grade, No pre-programmed workouts.

Benefits and restrictions are based on my personal opinion from what I've seen in other treadmill equipment and is only being compared to other treadmills, not all cardio machines.

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