Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Review: Nike Shox

I was unaware these were still on the market, but I had a talk with an athlete about them today and was going to review a boring Strength and Conditioning article, so I changed my mind. Now, I owned Nike Shox for about a year (two pair of shoes), so I definately liked something about them enough to buy them twice. Although I knew nothing about purchasing shoes back then, I think they felt and looked cool, which must have swayed my decision away from some other shoe. The science behind performance shoes would probably lean away from the Nike Shox, at least in the department on lateral movement

I do not think the Nike Shox are a good shoe at all for any sport involving lateral movement. The shox Nike uses for these shoes elevate your foot to a level that is detrimental to any sort of cutting action- Like wearing high heels. Typically when performing these types of activities, you want a sole low to the ground, that will allow a more optimal foot plant and reduce the possibility of rolling over your ankle during a cut. Obviously injury is possible doing any kind of physical activity, but I suffered a sprained ankle in these shoes and have seen or heard of numerous occurrences that were similar. As far as running in a linear fashion, I think the Shox are great, however there aren't many sports that are naturally linear.

If you are involved in these activities I would recommend a shoe that is designed with a lower sole. There are plenty of these on the market and I have heard great things about them, but I have never owned a pair, so I can not speak from experience. I do know that your feet are an extremely important player in proper body alignment and can be a huge key in preventing future imbalances. With this information, do not underestimate the importance of your feet. Go get your stride analyzed and have a professional pick out a certain kind of shoe that matches your needs- you will appreciate the benefits.

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