Monday, September 28, 2009

Are Buffets Killing You?

Today I ate at the dining for the first time in a while and I realized that buffets are literally killing me and most likely others in our country for numerous reasons.

To start- The whole idea behind a buffet (and number 1 reaosn I like them) is to eat as much food as you want for the same price. Now, if this doesnt sound like a recipe for disasterous nutrition, I don't know what will. Portion control is one of the most impoartant considerations for good nutrition.

Secondly- The food quality in a buffet, especially a school dining hall (in my case) is often times fried food and is pretty much like eating at McDonalds or Burger King. A diet high in fat, like fried food, is proven to cause significant health problems.

Lastly- The mindset you bring to the table at a buffet can also negatively effect your nutrition because when you think about getting your money's worth and the effect of numerous foods sitting in front of you can profoundly affect your thoughts and actions at a buffet. The psychology of a buffet could probably be a whole different blog, but I will leave it there.

Thank you for reading and please come back tomorrow!


  1. One thing I suggest with my clients with respect to buffets is to walk up and down the line of the buffet FIRST to gather some ideas about healthier options. THEN they should go back to get a plate, silverware, etc... and go to ONLY the pre-selected choices they noticed when they initially surveyed the buffet.

    Going into a situation without planning (in this case nutritional planning) is a recipe for diaster. I'll often look at online menus BEFORE going to restaurants so I know what's healthy going in, so there are no surprises/temptations at the given restaurant.

    Great job on the blog Brad! :-)


  2. Paul,

    Thank you for your advice to the readers. I like the part on proper planning for everything and how it should even relate to nutrition.

    For more great ideas and information I recommend everyone read Paul's blog. you can find it at: