Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sample Workout and Post Revisited

I wanted to give everyone a sample workout I have used with clients for personal training purposes and get some feedback as your thoughts, and I know you're all curious as to my methods, so here we go:

A. Power exercise- Jumps, KB Swings, etc.
A. Core exercise

B. 2-leg exercise- Squats, Deadlifts, etc.
B. Horizontal Press- Bench press or any variation
B. Vertical Pull- LAT Pulldown, chinups, pullups, etc.

C. 1-leg exercise- Lunges, Step-ups, etc.
C. Horizontal pull- Rowing variations
C. Accessory- core, or something else needed
C. Accessory- core, or something else needed

D. Cardio- Bike, treadmill, etc.

E. Stretch/ Foam Roll

This is usually what I use for my base format for workouts, so on most days it's basically 3 mini-circuits. I can always add more exercises if needed (one in the A circuit and one in the B circuit), and this usually allows for some variation in volume (set X rep scheme).

The circuit format allows us to move fairly quickly (about 30 minutes) and provides some cardiovascular benefit at the same time. The time devoted to the cardio session itself is usually around 20 minutes and therefore allows 5 minutes at the beginning and the end for stretching as part of a warm-up and cool-down. Total workout time is around 60 minutes although we frequently go 65 minutes in duration. I hope you enjoy!

Post Re-visited:

On June 11th I posted about training the core in a vertical position as opposed to laying on the floor such as when performing crunches. The three exercises I explained were the Belly Press, Landmines, and Stability Bar press. Here are the videos for each*:

Belly Press:


Stability Bar Press: Looked for 15 minutes and couldn't find one...

One extra video for this post- Push-Pull: I would perform this exercise kneeling before standing.

* I do not endorse any of the trainers, coaches, companies, or websites shown in these videos.

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